About paulspiece.com

This WordPress blog is about Australian information and communication technology (ICT) product compliance and certification requirements. It’s owned and run by a professional Compliance Engineering practitioner who participates strongly in several related Australian standards committees (representing industry) and some international (IEC) committees as well, representing Australia. As well he participates on a number of consultative government and regulatory fora in Australia.

Any information posted here is intended only to be of a non-confidential type, as it’s the blogger’s intention not to post anything of a commercially sensitive or confidential nature here (for what should be obvious reasons). Much of the information presented here has come from other sources, which are generally authoritative. I’ll be happy to answer questions as best I can, if I can, if I have the time and inclination! but only on a non-confidential and non-commercially sensitive basis.


Any views expressed on this site are only those of the individual and not necessarily those of his employer or other representative bodies. While it is intended information on this site is correct, it’s coming from the perspective of the poster or other people, and won’t necessarily have catered for all other perspectives or all the “if’s and buts” for your own circumstances, so you’ll need to make your own enquiries with your own counsel before you make any business decisions.  No responsibility will be accepted for any errors or omissions on this site for whatever reason.


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