HP recalls Australian AC power cords (5.6 million already recalled in the US)

AUSTRALIAN users of some HP and Compaq computers are being urged to return their AC power cords, following a massive recall of 5.6 million cords in the US.Another 446,700 of the Hewlett-Packard LS-15 cords have been recalled in Canada.The recalls are due to concern about overheating, which can pose a fire and burns risk.“Australia is one of the markets impacted by this product recall,” an HP Australia spokesman confirmed to The Australian today.

via HP recalls Australian AC power cords with 5.6 million already recalled in the US | The Australian.

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Product description

AC Power Cord set with IEC 60320-1 C5 type Appliance connector. Supplied with HP & Compaq Notebook and Mini notebooks PCs and accessories such as docking stations.

Identifying features

Model “LS-15” moulded marking on Appliance connector

What are the defects?

In some instances the ‘LS-15’ connector’s electrical insulation may degrade over time with the potential to overheat, posing a fire and burn hazard.

What are the hazards?

The AC power cord Appliance connectors have the potential to overheat, posing a fire and burn hazard

Dates available for sale

1st September 2010 – 30th June 2012

Supplier’s web site:


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