Australian Consumer Law (ACL) guarantees to increase to $100K AUD

From 2020-07-01, the mandatory minimum consumer guarantees specified in the ACL (and also financial services) will apply to goods and services costing up to $100k. Presently the upper limit is $40k. Goods must be fit for purpose (which includes safety as well as function) and of reasonable quality. Professional services must be provided with skill and proper care. Minimum guarantees provided in law cannot be excluded in contracts. While there are certain exclusions for some business transformation type transactions, a business can be classed as a “consumer” also.

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IBM’s Watson aims to be jack of all trades

IBM’s Watson aims to be jack of all trades.

Watson already has won a major TV game show, is looking for a cure for cancer and has ambitious gastronomy ambitions including devising a recipe for chocolate-beef burritos.

The IBM supercomputer is becoming a jack of all trades for the US tech giant — including in its new role as a business consultant and analyst for various industries by using massive internet databases.

Watson, which gained fame in 2011 for defeating human opponents on the Jeopardy quiz show, has been reaching into its computing power since then for an array of other services.

ACCC invites industry consultation on products containing button batteries

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ACCC is seeking information from businesses that develop, manufacture or supply products that use button batteries. Participation in the survey will help inform the non-regulatory strategies proposed for reducing the hazard posed to children.In Australia, an estimated five children per week present to an emergency department with an injury related to button and coin cell batteries.

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Changes to dangerous goods transport rules (Victoria) on the horizon

“Victorian law is now consistent with an updated national framework for transporting dangerous goods by road or rail,” according to WorkSafe Victoria’s website. “The framework, which is the responsibility of the National Transport Commission (NTC), closely aligns with international standards for the safe transport and storage of dangerous goods.”

Among the most significant changes is an increase in the duration of dangerous goods licenses from three to five years, clarification of supply chain responsibilities and new definitions of terms”

via Changes to dangerous goods transport rules on the horizon | Safe to Work.

Chinese translation of Australian product safety information

Product safety information is now available in Chinese on the Product Safety Australia website. This is the first time the ACCC has translated online product safety information.The information is an overview of product safety in Australia in simplified Chinese, and is based on the Product safety in Australia fact sheet.

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