Australia’s Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS), and RCM for March 2013 (revision 6b)

Australian and New Zealand electrical safety regulators have combined to produce a unified product safety compliance system for electrical equipment. The attached paper describes the new system in some detail, from an ICT equipment supplier’s perspective. This is based on a range of source material which may be subject to change. It also covers application of the regulatory compliance mark (RCM) under the telecommunications, radiocommunications and EMC regulatory frameworks.



2012-07-04 Revision 6 Update

  • Incorporates new start date of 1 March 2013
  • Incorporates formal publication of the new RCM standards AS/NZS 4417.1 & .2 :2012
  • Added a new section 3, discussion on how to use the RCM prior to new start date.
  • Sundry consequential edits.
  • Revision 6a: minor edits.
  • Revision 6b: corrections to Section 3 based on new expert feedback.

2012-03-08 revision 5 update:

  • Added registration fee details, and mention of authorised representatives (in 1.3)
  • Added term of certificates and certification bodies placing on the database (in 1.4.3).
  • Added some details about certification bodies and test lab qualifications and requirements (in 1.5).
  • Added section on audits and enforcement (1.10).
  • Added RCM discussion on NZ EMC & radiocommunications (2.3).
  • Added Document Control section (4).
  • General reformatting, editorials & clause renumbering throughout.

2012-03-05 Update: Version 4 includes new details of ACMA’s adoption of the RCM into their regulations.

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