APEC Workshop: Aligning Energy Efficiency Regulations for ICT Products: Developing a Strategic Approach, Seoul, Korea, 18 July 2012

“This joint industry-government event focused on specific steps for APEC economies to consider that will advance the alignment of requirements based on minimum energy performance standards (MEPS). Workshop participants were asked to contribute to a plan to establish a harmonized MEPS regime that includes:

  •  a common standard for test methodology and product categories
  • an international program for transportable test results
  • a common dataset approach for target setting and conformity assessment”

The public documents for the above event can be accessed via http://aimp.apec.org/MDDB/Pages/search.aspx?setting=ListMeeting&DateRange=2012/07/01%2C2012/07/end&Name=Aligning%20Energy%20Efficiency%20Regulations%20for%20ICT%20Products%3A%20Developing%20a%20Strategic%20Approach%202012

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