Energy Efficiency (MEPS) Product Profile for Video Recorders and Set Top Boxes

(reposting a circular/public e-mail)

The Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Committee has released for public comment the Product Profile for Video Recorders and Set Top Boxes   (the link opens a PDF file)
You are invited to submit comments and submissions on the profile and readers are asked to comment on a number of particular aspects in this document, relating to  market data and modelling assumptions, to assist with the formulation of a preferred policy option in future. While we welcome comments on all aspects of the Product Profile, comments on the Product Profile: Video Recorders and Set Top Boxes – Key Questions would be of particular assistance.   The closing day for this initial round of comments is COB Friday 16 August 2013.
I also remind you that  the Product Profile for Battery Chargers was posted on the energyrating website in April.   The closing date for comment on this profile is COB 12 July 2013 and this profile also asks for comments on key questions.
Both profiles can be found on


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