Wheat bag fire hazards

(This isn’t ICT related, but I found it interesting anyway)

These products are typically fabric bags filled with wheat or another grain which are intended to be heated in a microwave. However, the bag can catch fire in the microwave if it is heated for too long. This is a particular concern with wheat packs that don’t have clear heating instructions.The ACCC is also aware of cases where wheat bags have caught fire after being put under bedding.

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Fire Protection Engineers Address Li-ion Safety >> Evaluation Engineering

“… it’s possible that if you have a battery failure and there is a bunch of batteries in close proximity, the failure of one could lead to a failure of adjacent batteries.” Such scenarios, he said, are what fire-protection engineers are looking at now.

(battery) failures, Long, Kahn, and Mikolajczak wrote, can result in increases of cell temperature and pressure. Subsequently, the cell may undergo venting, vent gasses may ignite, contents may be ejected, and thermal runaway may propagate to adjacent cells.

“Halon 1301, the fire extinguishing agent in passenger aircraft cargo compartment fire suppression systems, has no observable effect on a metal battery fire.”

the proliferation of electric vehicles, with charging stations in public areas and in residences, further noting that batteries may be stored at battery-switching locations, thereby posing “high-voltage and fire safety challenges in addition to those associated with Li-ion batteries themselves.”

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iPad 2 Heart Risk Discovered By 14 Year Old Girl | Defibrillators

warning for people with implanted defibrillators … If a person falls asleep with the iPad 2 on the chest, the magnets in the cover can “accidentally turn off” the heart device, said Chien, a high school freshman in Stockton, California, whose father is a doctor. “I definitely think people should be aware. That’s why I’m presenting the study.”

While the study was done with an iPad 2, any device that incorporates magnets can, in theory, cause the same effects.

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How to conduct a successful recall – Product safety bulletin (Australia)

A successful product safety recall has a clear message that reaches all affected people. This bulletin will give you some suggestions for how to conduct a recall successfully.

This bulletin is also available in Simplified Chinese.

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Product Safety Recall: Catchoftheday & Scoopon — iPhone 5 Lightning Cable

What are the defects?

A manufacturing defect causes failure of the cable’s USB connection.

What are the hazards?

If the defect occurs, it causes overheating and melting of the USB connection’s plastic housing and poses a fire hazard to consumers.

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