Measuring human exposure to 5G | IEC e-tech | Issue’ 03/2019

Measuring human exposure to 5G:

IEC TC 106 is playing a key role with the recent publication of a new IEC Technical Report on evaluating human exposure to radio frequency fields in the vicinity of base stations…

IEC 62232 provides methods for determining the radio-frequency field strength near radio-communication base stations with the intention of evaluating human exposure. It takes into account theĀ mmWave frequencies to be used for 5G networks.”

Source: Measuring human exposure to 5G | IEC e-tech | Issue’ 03/2019

IEC brochure: Counterfeiting in electrical and electronic products

Link to IEC_Counterfeiting_brochure_LR.pdf

Counterfeiting and piracy have grown into a global business estimated to exceed US $650 billion/year,
with more than half of the products moving through international trade channels (2008).
Counterfeit electrical and electronic products now occupy second place after pharmaceuticals…
nothing is safe from counterfeiting. While the appearance and packaging can be very convincing,
the products themselves are often sub-standard and may represent a severe safety hazard,
causing accidents and costing lives.