New Start Date for Australian Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS), and ACMA RCM Adoption

ERAC members have confirmed that 1 July 2012 is no longer a viable date for implementation, as some States need more time to pass legislation through their respective Parliaments.  ERAC has announced that the new system will commence from 01 March 2013 (excluding New South Wales). The ERAC website has been updated to reflect the new commencement date.

Also ACMA has announced that the commencement of the new ACMA labelling arrangements to replace the C-Tick and A-Tick marks with the regulatory compliance mark (RCM)Image has been postponed until 01 March 2013 to align with the revised commencement date for the ERAC EESS. Existing suppliers will have 3 years to register on the new database, and all devices labelled from 1 March 2016 will be required to bear the RCM. A device that has been labelled with the A-Tick or C-Tick prior to 1 March 2016 can still be supplied to the market. The current ACMA labelling arrangements apply until the commencement date.

Australian Mandatory reporting for service agents and technicians

Link to full article:

Mandatory reporting for service agents and technicians – Supplier bulletin.

“Suppliers of consumer goods and related services, including service agents and technicians, are required to report serious injury, illness or death associated with consumer goods. This requirement is known as ‘mandatory reporting’.” …

“Serious illness or injury means an acute physical injury or illness requiring medical or surgical treatment by, or under the supervision of, a qualified doctor or nurse.”

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