Product safety in Australia – fact sheet

See the following Fact sheet for details:

Product safety in Australia – fact sheet.

“Under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), which took effect on 1 January 2011, Australia now has a national product safety system.

The Australian Government is able to:
•    issue safety warning notices
•    ban products, either temporarily or permanently
•    impose mandatory safety standards
•    issue compulsory recall notices, requiring businesses to recall a product
•    impose information standards, requiring that certain information about a product be provided to consumers before or at the time of purchase.
The national product safety system covers consumer goods, which are intended to be or are likely to be for personal, domestic or household use. It also covers product-related services including the installation, maintenance, repair, cleaning, assembly or delivery of consumer goods.
It’s important to note that suppliers are responsible for ensuring the safety of their products.”


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