Changes to dangerous goods transport rules (Victoria) on the horizon

“Victorian law is now consistent with an updated national framework for transporting dangerous goods by road or rail,” according to WorkSafe Victoria’s website. “The framework, which is the responsibility of the National Transport Commission (NTC), closely aligns with international standards for the safe transport and storage of dangerous goods.”

Among the most significant changes is an increase in the duration of dangerous goods licenses from three to five years, clarification of supply chain responsibilities and new definitions of terms”

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Chinese translation of Australian product safety information

Product safety information is now available in Chinese on the Product Safety Australia website. This is the first time the ACCC has translated online product safety information.The information is an overview of product safety in Australia in simplified Chinese, and is based on the Product safety in Australia fact sheet.

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ACCC Product Safety’s channel – YouTube

ACCCProductSafety’s channel – YouTube.

This contains a 7-part video of a Webinar for product safety testing of consumer products in Australia. Of general interest.

ACCC is the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission.  Their general Product Safety page is at:

Paperless office now a pain in the neck, says study :: SafetySolutions

The survey of more than 900 office workers found a direct correlation between the amount of time spent at a computer and the likelihood of experiencing musculoskeletal pain over a 12-month period. 85% of people who spent more than eight hours a day working with a computer experienced neck pain, 74% reported shoulder pain and 70% reported lower back pain.

via Paperless office now a pain in the neck, says study :: SafetySolutions.

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